This website will be the Receiver’s primary means of communication with investors and the public.  The Receiver will use this site to provide updates on the status of the receivership and to post pleadings entered in the civil action.  Please be encouraged to post questions on this site, and the Receiver will answer those questions as time and resources allow, with a focus on fielding inquiries that have general applicability to all investors and/or the public.  You may also communicate with the Receiver at masonreceivership@grierlaw.com.  Please check back periodically for additional information.


One Response to “About”

  1. Paul MacNamara March 21, 2014 at 9:01 pm #

    I don’t see ANYWHERE that Mason was CONVICTED of anything related to this. I don’t see ANYWHERE that there was a trial. He’s being held for SUSPICION? The assets, including his own, are being distributed ANYWAY. The receiver – you – are overpaid by any standard, but this is OK? I can understand suspicion and even FREEZING assets while an investigation is underway. But ruining a man’s life, family, and business WITHOUT A TRIAL? Please explain to us all how this is right. Without a better explanation, you have violated countless constitutional provisions while pilfering money from those who trusted Mason. INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. Until we get a better explanation, you are the thief. Mason is yet to be proven one. AND HE’S IN JAIL?!?!?!!? That old man who could simply have his passport confiscated and monitored instead of taxpayers footing the bill for his imprisonment WHEN HE HAS NOT BEEN CONVICTED OF ANYTHING.

    Please explain yourself.

    – Paul

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