Application to Employ Accountant

30 Sep

On September 30, 2014, Joseph W. Grier, III, Receiver, filed an application to employ Edward P. Bowers of Middleswarth, Bowers & Co., LLP to assist the Receiver with various tax issues, including those arising from the distributions to be made by the Receiver in this case and preparing and filing tax returns on behalf of the receivership estate.

If you do not want the Court to approve this application, or if you want the Court to consider your views, then on or before October 17, 2014, you or your attorney must do the following: (1) file a written response explaining your position with the Court; (2) mail, fax or email a copy of your response to the Receiver; and (3) attend a hearing on your response, if the Court schedules a hearing.

If you or your attorney do not take these steps, the Court may decide that you do not oppose the relief the Receiver requests and may enter an order approving the application to employ Ed Bowers.

Application to Employ Accountant

One Response to “Application to Employ Accountant”

  1. Charlie October 3, 2014 at 5:38 pm #

    And we all thought James Mason was the Crook. WOW, I really didn’t know you can legally steal. Guess I better go back to School!

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